OK Windows, I get it… You want me to get Windows 10… *sighs*


What is it anyway? Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. You are most likely using Windows 7 at the moment, with some unlucky few using Windows 8/8.1. Windows 8 was a big change, gone went the start button, lots of tiles appeared and unless you had a tablet computer everything got a lot harder. Think of Windows 10 as a hybrid between Windows 7 and 8. The good bits of both operating systems have been merged together to try and create something familiar yet new.

Do you want it? Probably not no… Windows 10 is being offered free of charge until 29/07/16. At the moment all those eager beavers who downloaded it right away are finding out all the bugs and niggles for you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy what you have for the moment. It makes sense to upgrade to Windows 10 around spring time to take advantage of the free update but speak with your IT Superhero first! You will want to make sure that all the applications you rely on play nicely and that you have a full backup before making the jump.

Our friends at The Verge have posted a great video showing off Windows 10 if your curious, check it out.