We have all heard the horror stories of lost data, its horrible. We listen with intent and we can feel the pain of losing all that data you worked hard to get. 1000s of spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs and sage data. Would the business survive without it?

File is corrupt...

We get bombarded with messages to backup your data but how often do you actually get round to it?

Today we popped into DataBusters to see how the data recovery experts deal with your stuff when the shit hits the fan. You don’t need to a geek to appreciate the work these guys do, its awesome. Every day Andy gets customers coming in with their faulty drives, lost photos, missing files and corrupt documents. Worryingly a lot of IT guys appear here too…

Andy takes the drive into his clean room, opens the drive up and begins surgery. After the operation the hard drive gets hooked up to one of his magic matrix machines and we wait… Andy is one of the best in the business and there is a good chance after several days, and lots of money, you will get your data back.

2015-10-02 14.15.31

Thats all sounds like good fun but lets make life really easy. Why don’t we backup all your information every hour, automatically so you don’t need to worry? If you delete that file by accident we just grab it from the last hour. When you’ve had a few glasses of wine and think its a good idea to start reviewing your contracts we can revert the data back to Friday afternoon, no problems. Our bomb proof IT platform gives you piece of mind knowing that the shit is never going to hit the fan.

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