How much does free Wi-Fi cost?

Can I get a latte and hacked on the side?


When you connect your phone, tablet and laptop up to free Wi-Fi what are you really getting yourself into? We carried out some research this week to find out.

Using an old smartphone connected to public Wi-Fi at several coffee shops in Glasgow we were able to carry out a number of cyber attacks. We revealed email addresses, passwords, web history, images viewed, downloaded files and we could even slip in a virus to add salt to the wound.

And it was so easy! 7/10 of the networks tested were vulnerable and the victim would of had no idea. This time we were the hacker and our victims were our test iPhone, MacBook and Windows 10 laptop. All devices had anti-virus, firewalls and were fully up to date.

Our top 3 tips for staying safe


  1. Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi! – Use your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot.
  2. If you need to connect to public Wi-Fi, avoid logging into sensitive accounts, like email, anything business related and banking.
  3. Use a VPN service. A VPN creates a private tunnel between your device and the web that hackers can’t see through.


Maybe just enjoy the coffee next time?