Over at Remote Support we have a whole bunch of domains, from various suppliers, that we use for lots of different things and they all conveniently expire at different times.


Domain Name:

Attn: Andrew Wallace

This important expiration notification proposal notifies you about the expiration notice of your domain registration for  search engine optimization submission. The information in this expiration notification proposal may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information from the notification processing department to purchase our search engine traffic generator. We do not register or renew domain names. We are selling traffic generator software tools. This information is intended only for the use of the individual(s) named above.

If you fail to complete your domain name registration  search engine optimization service by the expiration date, may result in the cancellation of this search engine optimization domain name notification proposal notice.



When this email hit our inbox on first glance it looked legitimate – my full name and address was even in bold at the top. My first thought was I better click the link and pay for another years service but after reading the email it became apparent that this email was fake.

Our spammer friend was using information publicly available about my domain and address, then was hoping to steal my credit card information. How nice?

Even good spam filters let things through. Its really important that you read over and email before clicking on any links and especially before you give over any financial information.

It’s all too easy to become a victim of identity theft and cybercrime sadly,

Stay safe!