You’ve probably seen it in the news, heard it in the pub or you might even of been a victim.

A new type of cybercrime, called Ransomware, has been on the loose. Criminal gangs use this type of virus to infect computers and lock your files and databases. These criminals then hold the files to ransom until cash is paid to unlock the information. In the past two weeks we have helped four new clients that have been hit by this ransomware. All were inconvenienced however one client could not pay the £5000 the criminals demanded and lost all their booking information and client database! Should you become victim of this type of crime, unless you have a working backup solution in place, paying these gangs is the only option.

Normally the gangs infect your computer by sending out fake CV’s or Invoices to your email. If you see anything like this from someone you don’t recognise I would delete the email immediately.

Have an awesome day and stay safe.