Good news!

We have partnered with AltoDigital, the UK’s largest supplier of printers and photocopiers, to help steer our customers clear of the ‘Photocopier Cowboys’. As IT guys we tend to only see the service side of our clients photocopier supplier and i’ll be honest, i’ve not came across a company that I would recommend in the 8 years i’ve been helping businesses with their IT.

Grant Mathers at AltoDigital is a completely different animal, Grant heads up AltoDigital in Scotland, and is completely service mad. This is actually his first sales gig, working with AltoDigital as a service engineer before he decided to rid Scotland of the cowboys. He know’s the machines inside and out. With his extensive service knowledge he can recommend the best machine for your business knowing the last print will be as good as the first.

The side I never got to see was the pricing… I was astonished with the prices businesses pay to print! Going over some case studies with Grant on average he has saved companies over 40% on their printing costs, often providing a better machine and always providing exceptional service. We are here to help, pop in your details below and Grant will be in touch.


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